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Raw Materials

We put quality first, and believe quality assurance should be performed from the very first step of production until the moment the air treatment products leave our factory.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
The printed circuit board is a key element in the control system. For mass production, we have equipped our PCB manufacturing workshop with advanced production machinery. This aids us in our annual output of 1.2 million boards. In the workshop, each employee must attend a training course in order to fully understand our manufacturing procedures and maintenance techniques. This ensures they are fully capable of carrying out production at the top quality levels we demand. We also carry out strict selection and examination of raw materials for PCB production, from the material supplier and material quality, all the way to strict standards for processing equipment and machine operators. Each of these efforts are combined so that we can guarantee that all PCBs are compliant with high standards.

Plastic Parts
We currently have 4 trusted suppliers for plastic components. With cooperative relationships spanning 5 years, we have developed both a clear and deep understanding of each other. The diverse and high quality plastic components supplied by these suppliers contribute to the overall stable and normal operation of our air filtration equipment.

As one of the most important elements to an air treatment product, the motor has a direct impact on the service life. To ensure we are using the best motors possible, we have worked with internationally known motor manufacturers, including Shinano and Xiechuang. We currently offer 100V and 240V AC and DC motors to fully satisfy customer requirements.

The filter is the core device to any air purifier, and directly impacts the purification efficiency. HEPA air cleaners manufactured by Excel show a filtration grade ranging from H11 to H14. We utilize HEPA materials from America, Japan and Korea to ensure an excellent filtration effect. All filters must undergo a strict inspection and detection prior to delivery to ensure correct and reliable operation.

When compared to a traditional and commonly used infrared sensor, our laser sensor features a high accuracy and reliability. Working with internationally known companies such as GE and Sharp further prove the outstanding quality of our sensors.

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